Creamy beet salad

Creamy Beet Salad

This creamy beet salad is not only delicious, but healthy and extremely easy to make, with only a few ingredients. It can be eaten as an appetizer or salad, but goes well with any kind of roasted or deep fried … Bővebben

paleo brownies

Paleo Brownies

Who said paleo brownies can’t be delicious? Perfect flavor combination in this decadent chocolate dessert – flour, sugar, and dairy-free! Incredibly easy recipe!

Horseradish Sauce

I make the horseradish sauce to fill a ham roll or bun here with a more intensely buttery béchamel sauce, whipped butter and of course horseradish sauce with vinegar.

Lentil Stew

Lentil Stew

Tasty, healthy, hearty lentil stew – very easy to prepare. Check out this authentic Hungarian recipe with pictures and easy-to-follow instructions.

hot dogs

How To Fry Hot Dogs

Pan frying is a popular way to prepare your hot dogs. It is not more difficult than cooking them, but frying makes your hot dogs more flavorful and more..

chicken paprikash

Chicken Paprikash

Chicken Paprikash, also known as Paprika Chicken and Hungarian Chicken Paprikash, is not only the most popular and most delicious Hungarian dish, but I thin