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The Best Combination Wall Ovens To Choose From In 2018

Combination wall ovens are the way to go if you are passionate about cooking and especially baking. They not only give you the opportunity of baking two or even more meals at the time, but they can as much be a nice and aesthetic element of your beloved kitchen. But finding the best combination wall oven can be a challenge.

These appliances usually range from $1,500 to $4,000. And who wants to spend that amount of money on an oven that won’t fulfill their needs completely? That’s why we gathered you the information about the best combination ovens, and present you what’s available on the market and what’s worth to buy in 2018. For all combination wall ovens you’ll find our short description and recommendation below, and also a link to the online seller.

Please note that this article is about combination wall ovens. That is a regular wall oven combined with another oven, usually a microwave function. Sometimes the second cavity is a steam oven. If you are looking for double wall ovens with two regular oven cavities, click on the link.

Quick Rundown Of The Best Combination Ovens In 2018

This table gives you a quick rundown on the best combination wall ovens for your kitchen. I give them my personal rating based on their features, durability, and my personal experiences as a beginning and experienced home cook. Scroll down to see more detailed information about each product or check the price on Amazon.

ModelSizeSecond CavityPrice RangePrice
Frigidaire Stainless Steel 27" 3Piece Wall Oven Microwave Combo27"Microwave$ Check Price
GE CT9800SHSS Advantium30"Microwave$$$ Check Price
GE JK3800SHSS27"Microwave$$ Check Price
GE JK3800DHWW White27"Microwave$$ Check Price
Frigidaire FGMC3065PF30"Microwave$$ Check Price
Bosch 500 Series HBL57M52UC30"Microwave$$$ Check Price
Bosch 800 Series HBL8752UC30"Microwave$$$ Check Price
Bosch Benchmark™ Series HSLP751UC30"Steam$$$$ Check Price

Please note that price range indications are based on the MSRP indicated on the manufacturer’s website. Actual sales prices can differ.

Combination Wall Oven #1: Frigidaire Stainless Steel 27″ 3Piece Wall Oven Microwave Combo

This is a very basic combination wall oven, but a great choice if you are in a low budget. The microwave is really just a small model inserted with a trim kit. That’s what it’s called 3 in 1: a wall oven, a microwave and a microwave trim kit. This means that for the installation, you’ll need a 240V line for the oven and a separate 110V outlet for the microwave oven.

This stainless steel kit contains a 27″ wall oven with self cleaning functions (Frigidaire model FFEW2725PS) and a 1100 W, 1.6 cu ft microwave (model FFMO1611LS1). Check Price

Combination Wall Oven #2: GE Café™ Series 30″ Combination Double Wall Oven with Convection and Advantium® Technology

One of GE’s flagship products in the combination oven category, the Café™ Series CT9800SHSS might be really your favorite one in this category.

The lower cavity is a 5.0 cu ft wall oven with true European convection and a steam self-clean option. The 1.7 cu ft upper cavity is a microwave oven / convention oven combo.

The only drawback is that this combination oven doesn’t have that many cooking modes as some of it’s competitors. The lower cavity has 4 cooking modes (convection bake, convection bake multi/single rack, convection broil and convection roast), while the upper cavity has 5 (convection bake, microwave, proof, speedcook and warm). Check Price

Combination Wall Oven #3: GE JK3800SHSS 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Combination Wall Oven

A 27″ combination oven from GE, with a standard 1.7 cu ft microwave in the upper cavity, a traditional 4.3 cu ft oven in the lower cavity, and touch controls. The lower cavity also has the self-clean with steam clean option. Check Price

Combination Wall Oven #4: GE JK3800DHWW 27″ White Electric Combination Wall Oven

This combination oven has a nice white finish, with almost exactly the same features that the previous GE product. With a 1.7 cu ft microwave oven, a traditional 4.3 cu ft oven and touch controls it can serve you for several decades in the kitchen.

The most important benefit of this combination oven however is it’s distinct, nice white finish. If you are looking for a white appliance in the mid price range, this is the product to go with. Check Price

Combination Wall Oven #5: Frigidaire FGMC3065PF 30″ Electric Wall Oven/Microwave Combination

This products main advantage is the big microwave oven capacity. With 2.0 cu ft, you get more space then in lot’s of other products in this category.

The regular oven has a 4.6 cu ft capacity, with 3 auto cook options (pizza, hot dog and beverage), 6 auto defrost options, 4 melt/soften options and 3 snack menu options.

Both cavities come with a nice and modern touch control system. Check Price

Combination Wall Oven #6: Bosch HBL57M52UC 500 Series Microwave Combination Oven, 30″

A high quality European product, this Bosch combination oven has genuine European convection for even baking even on multiple racks, and of course a microwave oven.

The lower cavity has 12 cooking modes, including pizza setting and 3 different convection modes. Check Price>/p>

Combination Wall Oven #7: Bosch 800 Series HBL8752UC 30″ Speed Combination Oven

One of the best products of Bosch in this category, the 800 Series HBL8752UC speed oven cooks faster than a traditional oven, and can be used as a microwave oven.

The oven cavity has 11 different cooking mode, including pizza setting and 2 different convection settings with true European convection. It also has a full-extension telescopic rack to offer better access to the oven cavity, and a temperature probe. Check Price

Combination Wall Oven #8: Bosch Benchmark™ Series HSLP751UC 30″ Combination Oven

Benchmark™ Series ovens are the flagship products of the German Bosch manufacturer. This oven is a true gem, if you’re looking for the best combination oven.

The upper cavity has hot air and steaming cooking modes, while the lower cavity 14 different cooking modes, including pizza setting and 4 different convection modes with true European convection.

Other than that, this oven looks pretty great with it’s two large TFT toch control panels, and give a professional look to your kitchen.

You must know though that the second cavity of this combination oven is a steam oven. This can be useful for many recipes, but unlike other ovens in this list, this one does not have a microwave oven included. Check Price

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