Langos recipe


Lángos is one of the most beloved Hungarian fast foods.You may like it plain, with cheese,with sour cream and cheese, you can make your own lángos at home.

Chicken tarragon soup

Chicken Tarragon Soup

Chicken tarragon soup is very popular in Hungary. This soup is delicious, easy to make and nutritious with meat, vegetables, sour cream and heavy cream.



Minestrone is a traditional Italian soup, or rather a one-pot meal. It is a really variable meal, let’s tailor your minestrone to your taste. This time I chose not the one with tomatoes, offered in restaurants, but a light but nourishing minestrone soup made with twelve vegetables.

french brioche

French Brioche

Brioche is a very rich but amazingly light type of French bread, which exists in different shapes around the globe. This easy recipe only uses 7 ingredients.


Cuban Picadillo

Picadillo is a popular dish not only in Cuba, but also in the Spanish-speaking areas and the Philippines. It’s an extreme dish, in case you enjoy the challenge of new foods and recipes – it is worth the attempt. Try it now, if meat with raisin sounds good to you!

Caprese salad

Caprese Salad

Almost all restaurants offer Caprese Salad. It’s an easy-to-prepare, simple dish, enjoy the taste of summer and try this authentic and the unique Italian compound.



Tiramisu is one of the most famous and maybe the tastiest Italian dessert. Tiramisu literally
means “pick me up”, and it’s true – no doubt that tasting it cheers you up.



Once you try home made pesto and you may never buy the jarred stuff again – just like me. The delightful combination of flavors of the homemade pesto is incomparable to shop-bought.

risi e bisi

Risi e Bisi

Risi e bisi is a deservedly delicious Italian dish. In Italy it is usually served as an appetizer or soup. It’s worth a try!



Gnocchi is a sort of Italian pasta for potato lovers. This home-made gnocchi is simple, delicious and easier to make than you probably think.

Chicken liver risotto

Chicken liver risotto

You’ll love this authentic Chicken liver risotto with it’s intense flavors. Check out this delicious recipe with pictures and clear instructions.