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Sugar Cups to Grams Conversion

Although the official conversion rate of 1 US cup of white or granulated sugar is 200 grams, I checked it on an actual kitchen scale and discovered that this conversion rate is simply wrong.

1 US cup of white granulated sugar equals 210 grams. Read my explanation below.

Granulated Sugar Cups to Grams Conversion Table

So, my granulated sugar conversion rate table looks like this for US cups. Scroll down for metric or UK cups.

US CupsAmount, in grams (g)
1/8 cup26 g
1/4 cup53 g
1/3 cup70 g
3/8 cup79 g
1/2 cup105 g
5/8 cup131 g
2/3 cup140 g
3/4 cup158 g
7/8 cup184 g
1 cup210 g
2 cups420 g
3 cups630 g
4 cups840 g
5 cups1050 g
6 cups1260 g
7 cups1470 g
8 cups1680 g
9 cups1890 g
10 cups2100 g
Granulated sugar 1 cup to grams
Measuring one cup of granulated sugar in grams on a scale

Sugar UK Cups To Grams Conversion Table

UK Cups (Metric Cups)Amount, in grams (g)
1/8 cup27 g
1/4 cup55 g
1/3 cup73 g
3/8 cup41 g
1/2 cup109 g
5/8 cup136 g
2/3 cup145 g
3/4 cup164 g
7/8 cup191 g
1 cup218 g
2 cups436 g
3 cups654 g
4 cups872 g
5 cups1090 g
6 cups1308 g
7 cups1526 g
8 cups1744 g
9 cups1962 g
10 cups2180 g


The most important thing to note when it comes to converting the amount of white sugar from cups to grams is that it is always better to use weight than cup measurement. There is no fixed conversion rate.

Every sugar is different; granulated sugar can have different grain sizes, which can also alter the conversion rate.

The picture was taken with a regular US cup of 240 ml. Although an official US customary cup is 236.6 ml, most commercially sold measuring cups are actually 240 ml. The difference is subtle, but this is another example of how inconsistent cup measurements can be.

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