How Much Juice Does 1 Pound of Apples Yield?

If you’re into juicing and like to make your own apple juice at home, you might wonder how much apple juice does 1 pound of apples yield.

I was curious too, so I ran a quick test. I measured exactly 2 pounds of apples and then put them in the juicer to see how much juice they yield.

(I used 2 pounds because it’s always easier to measure greater quantities, and you can just simply divide the result by 2 to know how much juice a pound of apples yield.)

1 pound of apples yield 1 1/2 cups of apple juice (360 ml).

Please note that the exact quantity of apple juice you can make in a juicer depends on the type of apples and whether you strain your juice or not.

Apple juice from 2 lbs of apples

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