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Best Wall Oven for Making Pizza at Home

Looking for the best wall oven to make the perfect homemade pizza? In this article I’ll explain you why finding the right oven is essential for the best pizza, and also give you some recommendations of products you can order online from trusted sellers.

Your Oven Is The Soul Of The Perfect Pizza

True Italian pizza (Neapolitan pizza) is made in a wood-fire oven. If that’s not an option for you, you need a wall oven to imitate the environment you get in a stone oven. But here come the two major problems of home ovens compared to an authentic pizza oven:

  • The heat required by Italian regulations for making pizza is 905 °F (485 °C), while most commercial wall ovens suitable for your home kitchen heat up to only 550 degrees F (250-275 C).
  • In a traditional oven, you get a nice air circulation between the door and the chimney. This helps making the pizza crispy and prevents it from being soggy. Of course your wall oven is tightly closed to save energy, so all the water evaporated from the toppings and the dough stays inside.

These problems are not unsurpassable at all, but you need to be aware of them and take the necessary steps in order to get a crispy, flavorful pizza at home. And the easiest way is to get a wall oven that is perfect for making pizza.

Best Wall Ovens With Pizza Setting

I’ve been making pizza at home for years. I perfected the baking method in a regular convection oven, but let me tell you, nothing compares to a wall oven that has a dedicated pizza setting.

I find Bosch ovens are by far the best when it comes to making a perfect environment inside the oven to bake a pizza (I have no special interest in praising Bosch, it’s just my personal experience). Some of these ovens have a dedicated pizza setting. Turn this on, and you don’t have to worry more about your homemade pizza. I can tell you it’ll turn out almost the same as if it was made in an Italian pizzeria.

Here you can see a quick overview table comparing the best wall ovens with dedicated pizza setting. Scroll down to see more detailed information about each product or check the price on Amazon.

ModelSizeSingle / DoubleCooking ModesColorPrice
Bosch HBN8451UC27"Single12Stainless Steel Check Price
Bosch HBLP5451UC30"Single14Stainless Steel Check Price
Bosch HBL8461UC30"Single12Black Check Price
Bosch HBL57M52UC30"Combination (Microwave)12Stainless Steel Check Price
Bosch HBL57M52UC30"Combination (Microwave)12Stainless Steel Check Price
Bosch HSLP751UC30"Combination (Steam)14Stainless Steel Check Price
Bosch HBN5651UC27"Double10Stainless Steel Check Price
Bosch HBLP651UC30"Double
(Both cavities pizza setting)
12Stainless Steel Check Price

Bosch 27″ HBN8451UC Wall Oven

The Bosch HBN8451UC is a great solution if you’re looking for a 27″ wall oven with dedicated pizza setting. It is quiect and it preheats quickly. It features Touch control with SteelTouch™ buttons for easier operation of the Oven.

The Bosch 27″ HBN8451UC has 12 specialized cooking modes, including pizza, pie, warm and proof. Meat probe takes guesswork out of cooking in this oven.

Check Price

Bosch 30″ Stainless Steel HBLP451UC Wall Oven

The Bosch HBL451UC features a QuietClose™ door that won’t slam shut, and a high-resolution, easy-to-use TFT user interface.

With 14 dedicated cooking modes, this oven makes baking easy. Custom cooking modes include no-preheat frozen food mode, pizza, pie, warm and proof.

Check Price

Bosch 30″ HBL8461UC Black Wall Oven

Beautiful black wall oven with dedicated pizza setting. What else do we need to say?

This model has 12 cooking modes, and feature a meat probe that takes guesswork out of cooking meat in your oven. Definitely check this out if you want a nice black oven in your kitchen!

Check Price

Bosch HBL8752UC 30″ Microwave Combination Oven

This model is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a microwave combination oven with a pizza setting. This double oven features a regular wall oven and a microwave with 10 power levels.

Check Price

Bosch HBL57M52UC 30″ Microwave Combination Oven (Touch Control Buttons)

Part of the top notch 800 Bosch series, the HBL57M52UC combination oven with microwave features touch control with SteelTouch™ buttons that makes operating the oven easier. It also has dedicated pizza setting, among 12 specialized cooking modes.

This speed oven cooks faster than a traditional oven and can be used as a microwave.

Check Price

Bosch HSLP751UC 30″ Steam Convection Combination Oven

A regular convection oven with pizza settings and a steam convection oven in one. The steam oven cooks meats, vegetables, rice, fish to perfection. Color TFT Control panel makes this oven very easy and fun to use.

And of course this model has what you need to bake your perfect homemade pizza: a pizza setting.

Check Price

Bosch HBN5651UC 27″ Double Wall Oven

A real double oven with 2 convection oven cavities. But please note that this model only features pizza cooking mode in the upper cavity. So while you can use both cavities and even bake 2 pizzas at the time, the pizza setting will only work in the upper oven.

Check Price

Bosch HBLP651UC 30″ Double Wall Oven

Top of the top, if you want to feed a large family with homemade pizza.

Let’s be honest. One pizza takes about 8-12 minutes to bake. And to get perfect results, you can only bake one at a time.

But not anymore! With the Bosch HBLP651UC 30″ double wall oven you have the option to bake two pizzas at the same time. This is a real double oven, featuring two cavities with 12 cooking methods, both including a pizza setting.

Cooking methods both cavities: 3rd element convection, convection bake, convection broil, convection roast, dough proving setting, pizza setting, special baking setting, top/bottom heating, top heating, 1/3 bottom heating, variable small-area grill, warming.

Check Price

Do You Need A “Pizza Oven”?

You can find special equipment called pizza ovens in the market. These are usually small electric tabletop ovens, suitable for one pizza. See this list of pizza ovens that you can find on Amazon:

In my opinion, this is the equipment that you don’t need at all. On of the most important factors in making a perfect pizza at home is heat. And the best indoor heat source in your kitchen is your wall oven. So if you’re up to making a perfect pizza at home, look for a great performance wall oven, and forget all special equipment.

Tips On Baking Pizza In A Regular Oven

If you find there is no need for an oven with dedicated pizza setting, you can still make delicious pizza at home in a regular wall oven, be it gas or electric.

Click on this link to read my instructions on how to bake pizza at home (with 9 tips) and make your pizza even in a regular wall oven!

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