Chicken stock recipe

Chicken Stock

Chicken stock can be used in almost any recipes as a natural flavoring. How to make chicken stock and how to store it efficiently (surpising tip).

Baked hot dogs closeup

How To Bake Hot Dogs

Baking is an easy way to prepare your hot dogs. It is not more difficult than boiling them, but baking makes your hot dogs more flavorful and more..


Lecso, Hungarian Lecso

Take some vegetables and add only a few spices to cook one of the world’s most delicious dishes – that’s why Hungarian lecso is highly appreciated even by gastronomic experts!



Wienerschnitzel (or Wiener Schnitzel), essentially a breaded veal cutlet, is unarguably the best known staple food of Austria. Named after Vienna (literally Vienna Schnitzel), this is a very simple yet very delicious recipe. It is said that original Wiener Schnitzel … Bővebben