St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest

Basilica Budapest

Budapest Basilica – St. Stephen’s Basilica – is located in the center of Budapest, close to Deák and Vörösmarty squares. The monument is very popular among both tourists and locals – not surprisingly since it’s one of the most beautiful … Bővebben

Potato stew

Potato stew

Potato stew, cooked with bay leaf and sour cream, is an iconic Hungarian food. Easy-to-make and cheap, yet very tasty vegetable stew. Potato stew recipe.

Chicken paprikash

What is paprikash?

Paprikash (or sometimes spelled paprikas) [Hungarian: paprikás] is a general term in Hungarian cuisine for stewed meat or vegetables cooked with paprika and seasoned with sour cream. Although chicken paprikash is the best known paprikash around the world, there are … Bővebben