Welcome to the world of Sipcy Goulash!

Hello and welcome to the land of Spicy Goulash. I created this website so that you can get firsthand information about Hungarian Food, Culture and Hungary in general.

I hope I can provide you recipes and articles so that you can feel the spice. I’m not saying everything here will be 100% objective – how can an information be absolutely bias-free anyways? It’s always presented by the words of someone else, and in no way can you avoid to reflect the opinion of the information source, be it a recipe, a piece of history or just a playground to visit.

But I promise you one thing: every piece of information on this site will be true, written by real Hungarians or people who had lived here, has real life experience with our colorful culture.

Want to know the real, authentic truth about Hungary? Read on&#8230

What can you expect from this site?

OK, here is the list of the information I want to provide you with in the future, and let me explain what I mean when I say it won’t be without any inclination to the opinion of the writer of each article:

  • Hungarian recipes. We’ll only publish tried and tested recipes, that people are really cooking in Hungary (or had been cooking if it’s a historical recipe). But I can only share with you what I know. As in every part of the world, every family has their own recipes here and you might find different variations that are as authentic as the ones that you find on this site. Come and see my Hungarian recipes»
  • Places to visit in Hungary. I try to show you everything. But of course my eyes work the way that they prefer to take notice of things that are pleasant to me.
  • History of Hungary. Of course history is a territory where leaving out one tiny detail can alter the whole picture. I’ll always cite the source though and indicate if there is a piece of information to be interpreted differently. Also I will indicate those high-emotion areas of our history where Hungarians seem to split in at least two – there are some, believe me!
  • Life in Hungary. Of course, this is something as subjective as it can be. Do you know someone who could write about this? Maybe you? Drop me a line!

The one and only 100% authentic source of information on Hungary

It is you, no one else. You can read tons of books and articles about a country, about people’s culture. The one and only way to see the real picture is through your own eyes. No one should tell you what to think, how to feel about a country, about a culture.

So why not come and visit Hungary yourself?

Who and what’s in the picture?

You can see me on this picture standing in front of the University of my hometown, Debrecen – the 2nd largest city in Hungary.

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