Opera Budapest

The Budapest Opera House is located in central Budapest’s Andrássy street. Opera Budaopest is a highly frequented and extremely popular location among tourists due to its beauty and the numerous important institutions it gives home to.

The Budapest Opera House is Hungary’s only theatre specialized in ballet and opera with a large and permanent theatre group. The season lasts from September to the end of June each year, and the secondary building, Erkel Theatre also hosts ballet and opera performances during the season.

The Building of the Opera House in Budapest

Built in the neo-renassaince style with additional baroque ornamentation, it is the largest opera house in Hungary today. Built from Ybl Miklós’s plans, a famous Hungarian architect, designer of equally famous St. Stephen’s Basilica and Buda Castle. The construction started in 1884 and continued for over 9 years. The opera opened to the public in 1884.

Features of the Budapest Opera

There are guided tours almost every day in the Budapest Opera House available in six languages: Hungarian, English, German, Fernch, Spanish and Italian.

In case you’re visiting without a guide, the most noteworthy features of Budapest Opera are:

  • Main entrance with the marvelous main staircase and foyer
  • Royal Box which has symbols of the four operatic voices
  • A 3500-kilogram (approx. 7700 lbs.) chandelier made of bronze
  • Central Stage
  • Facade and murals all over the walls

Opening Hours, How to Get There and Ticket Information

Budapest Opera opening hours: on weekdays from 11 AM until the start of the performance, on weekends from 4 PM until the start of the performance.

The Opera House is located in the center of Budapest, take Subway Line #1 to Opera Station (see map below).

Address: 1061 Budapest, Andrássy street 22.

Phone: +36-1-353-0170

Guided tours start at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. For more information, visit the Opera House’s website: http://www.opera.hu/en.

Andrássy Way 22, Hungary

Photo credit: PDXdj.

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