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Cottage cheese grams to cups conversion

I know that the official US-metric conversion rate for cottage cheese is 225 g per 1 cup. But when writing down the recipe for my cottage cheese dip, I discovered that this conversion rate is just not right.

If you use that kind of cottage cheese where the cheese forms small balls, its obviously lighter, so it is less grams per cup. According to my measurement (see picture), 1 cup of cottage cheese equals approximately 162 grams.

So my cottage cheese conversion rate table looks like this:

CupsAmount, in grams (g)
1/8 cup20 g
1/4 cup41 g
1/3 cup54 g
3/8 cup61 g
1/2 cup81 g
5/8 cup101 g
2/3 cup108 g
3/4 cup122 g
7/8 cup142 g
1 cup162 g
2 cups324 g
4 cups648 g

Cottage cheese grams to cups

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