Hungarian Passport Ranks #11 For Visa Free Travel

According to a global ranking on free travel published by Henley & Partners, Hungarian Passport ranks #11 in the world for visa free travel.

According to the Henley & Partners Visa Restriction Index, as of July 1st 2013, citizens holding a Hungarian passport are free to travel to 157 destination countries without the need of a visa. Finland, Sweden and the UK share the first place with 173 visa-free destination countries.

This also means that Hungary has the most visa-free agreements with destination countries among ex-socialist countries, followed by Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, the three countries sharing the 12th place.

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My personal note

I’m really happy to hear this. Although I don’t really need the ability of visa-free travel right now to the majority of these countries, but the freedom of travel is a measure of freedom in general for me.

I remember not only those days when you needed a special permit to travel to the neighboring Austria back in the 80-s. But also in 1979, sitting in an S-Bahn in East Berlin (I was 5 back then), couldn’t understand why we had to get off the train, and why those people staying on the train were allowed to go to the next station. The train was leaving the last communist station and going to West-Berlin, a place where Hungarians were not permitted to go back then, with or without visa.

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