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Bulgur cups to grams conversion

Bulgur is a very healthy whole grain food, used in many different recipes. But sometimes you need the US-metric conversion rate for bulgur. So I decided to measure an actual cup of bulgur and share with you the exact cups to grams conversion rate.

Bulgur conversion table

Please note that there are different sizes of bulgur. This conversion table is for the most common type large grain bulgur. See that one cup of bulgur weighs 202 grams on my scale, so I will just use 200 grams for the conversion rate, as this is only an insignificant difference but makes it much more easier to calculate with.

So my bulgur conversion rate table looks like this, see picture below:

CupsAmount, in grams (g)
1/8 cup25 g
1/4 cup50 g
1/3 cup67 g
3/8 cup75 g
1/2 cup100 g
5/8 cup125 g
2/3 cup133 g
3/4 cup150 g
7/8 cup175 g
1 cup200 g
2 cups400 g
4 cups800 g

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