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Top 5 Cookware Sets for Glass Top Stoves

Knowing what cookware to use on a glass top stove is incredibly important. That is why this is a list of the best cookware for glass top stoves. This will eliminate as much scratching as possible and help heat your food evenly.

Electric stoves have plenty of great uses, but having coils isn’t always the most stylish type of electric stove. More and more people are going for glass top stoves, where the top of the stove is completely flat.

Cookware Name# of Set PiecesMaterial
T-fal E765SC Ultimate Hard Anodized Scratch Resistant Titanium Non-stick Cookware Set


    Anodized Titanium

Paula Deen Signature Nonstick


    Porcelain Enamel

Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Nonstick


    Anodized Aluminum

Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set


    Anodized Bronze

Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

(Editor's Choice)


    Anodized Aluminum

Glass Cooktop Cookware #1: T-fal E765SC Ultimate Hard Anodized Scratch Resistant Titanium Non-stick Cookware Set

T-fal makes a wide variety of small appliances perfect for your home and kitchen. They make things like fryers, grills, pressure cookers, and cookware.


  • Many of T-fal’s products come with a heat indicator in the middle of the pan, which lets you know when the pan is fully heated.
  • All of the handles are made with silicone and designed in such a way to fit every hand comfortably.
  • These are not only dishwasher safe, but you can also use metal utensils on them. The non-stick coating is strong enough to withstand much more than traditional non-stick coating can.


  • While the inside is durable, the outside of the pans can scratch fairly easily. This doesn’t mean that the non-stick coating goes away, but it can cause the pan to not look as nice.
  • Super high heats for long periods of time might warp the pans and the lids. Many times, it’s the glass on the lids that will warp, making them unable to fit onto the pots. For the pans, the bottoms may warp in strange ways.
  • The largest frying pan doesn’t come with a lid, which can make it hard to use for certain things.
  • Overall, this pan set comes with some great things. It could be among the best cookware for glass top stoves. However, the durability of these pans is something to keep in mind. This set has a 4.7/5.

Glass Cooktop Cookware #2: Paula Deen Signature Nonstick

Paula Deen is a well-known southern cook who has her own line of various kitchen cookware. She has her own line of dinnerware, cookware, and bakeware.


  • The exterior is strong, durable, and stain resistant. These pans will also heat up quickly and evenly.
  • There are two different sized saucepans, a stockpot, a sauté pan, two different sized skillets, and a five-piece measuring spoon set. Altogether, with the four tops, there are 15 pieces with this set.
  • The outside is a beautiful red speckled porcelain. These pans are not only useful, but also beautiful to look at.


  • Some people have reported the handles coming loose or coming off completely. They needed to constantly screw them back on.
  • The porcelain has a tendency to chip. The outer porcelain enamel might not be as strong as you might want it to be.
  • These are also thinner than previous versions of the same set. This can cause warping under higher temperatures.
  • There are a lot of great things about this set. At the same time, there are an equal number of not so good things, which is why this set has a 4.4/5.

Glass Cooktop Cookware #3: Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Nonstick

Rachel Ray is another well-known cook who has her own line of cookware. She also has some bakeware, dinnerware, and knives.


  • This set comes in six possible colors, all of which are gradients. They are orange, blue, fennel, green, purple, or red.
  • There are two covered saucepans, a stockpot, a sauté pan, and two skillets. The two skillets are the only ones without lids.
  • The aluminum and sturdy construction promotes even heating throughout the pan. The nonstick interior makes cleaning up easy.


  • These pans are lightweight and thin. If you are someone who tends to flip something without holding the handle, you won’t be able to. Also, you have to keep them away from high heat, otherwise they are likely to warp.
  • The exterior has been known to either fade after a few months or completely wear off, leaving the aluminum instead of the color.
  • Overall, this is a great set. There is a lot you can do with it, but there is a lot of risk you might be putting in it. This set has a 4.4/5.

Glass Cooktop Cookware #4: Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

Anolon has quite a lot of cookware and bakeware out there in the world. They make a lot of highly durable cookware. This might be among best cookware for glass top stoves.


  • The bronze coating is around twice as durable as stainless steel. It also heats up rather quickly and there are little to no spots where the heat is unevenly distributed.
  • The handles are made with a combination of stainless steel and silicone, making a very nice and comfortable hold.
  • The nonstick is extremely strong. You won’t have much trouble with anything sticking and will have an easy time cleaning everything up.
  • This set comes with a grill pan, two saucepans, two skillets, a stockpot, and a sauté pan. The grill pan is something that none of the other sets come with, which makes it a great bonus.


  • Using metal utensils frequently has a tendency to scrap off the nonstick. While it might be okay once, doing it more is ill-advised.
  • Some of the pots and pans may begin to warp, but especially the grill pan. When using high heats, it is very possible that it will warp and become hard to use.
  • The outer coating is less durable than the inside. It can be scratched fairly easily, so try to keep other things away from the outside.
  • The durability of this set overall definitely gives it the rating of 4.4/5, but the other issues are what keeps it from a 5/5.

Glass Cooktop Cookware #5: Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

Circulon has some great cookware, bakeware, and kitchen accessories. They are generally durable and are a great addition to any kitchen.


  • These pans have a stainless-steel bottom, protecting them from a lot of heat damage that could happen. Since they are made of hard-anodized aluminum, they will have a tendency to warp more easily. With the stainless-steel bottom, that worry isn’t a worry.
  • The handles and lids are also made from stainless-steel. They will give your cookware set an appealing look, with the contrast of black and silver.
  • Like the others, this comes with two saucepans, two skillets, a sauté pan and a stockpot. The cleanup is very easy as well.
  • They are dishwasher safe and can also be put in the oven to a surprising 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Most nonstick pans are advised at no higher than 350 in an oven.


  • Avoid high heat and cooking sprays as much as possible. Both of these things will wear away at the nonstick coating on the pans.
  • The handles don’t have a silicone grip on them, so they will get hot after a while. Make sure to use a potholder when handling these pots and pans.
  • The lids might not be very durable. The handles may come undone after a lot of uses.
  • When looking at this product overall, there are tons of great things. But, like with anything, there are also some things that take away from the greatness. For that, this set will get a 4.4/5.


The Circulon Infinite set is easily the best cookware for glass top stoves. The stainless steel bottoms are among the recommended types of metal to use on a glass top stove. This will prevent any scratching that something like a cast iron pan might create.

Unlike a few of the other sets on the list, this one is incredibly durable. There aren’t many accounts of warping due to the pots being thin, thanks to the stainless steel bottom.

This set also is the most dishwasher safe set on the list. While others may say they are dishwasher safe, many people don’t recommend it. This one, however, is perfectly fine to put in the dishwasher.

Thanks to the lack of silicone handles, these pots and pans can also be put in the oven at a much higher temperature without worry. Overall, this is easily the best cookware for glass top stoves.

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