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Flour grams to cups conversion

I know that the official US-metric conversion rate for flour is 125 g per 1 cup. But when writing my hornets nest cake recipe, I discovered that this conversion rate is just not right.

I believe my eyes, so from now on I’m going to use 1 cup of all-purpose flour equals 150 g in all my recipes.

You can see the flour grams to cups (or cups to grams) conversion on the picture, and the conversion rate table looks like this:

Flour metric conversion table

CupsAmount, in grams (g)
1/8 cup19 g
1/4 cup38 g
1/3 cup50 g
3/8 cup56 g
1/2 cup75 g
5/8 cup94 g
2/3 cup100 g
3/4 cup113 g
7/8 cup131 g
1 cup150 g
2 cups300 g
4 cups600 g

2 thoughts on “Flour grams to cups conversion”

  1. I’m sorry, but your measuring system isn’t right, but the official US conversion is.
    I believe you’re measuring the weight of the flour and also the cup weight, which should be deducted, that gives me 150g, if you measure only the flour, is 125-126 g.


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