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Best Pan For Pancakes

Ah, pancakes, such a staple dish in American breakfasts. We have restaurants like IHOP, Denny’s or our favorite local restaurants that serve the best buttermilk and fluffy pancakes. It can be hard to replicate those pancakes at home but it’s definitely not impossible. The Kitchn identifies mistakes to avoid while making pancakes. However, it just starts with one good pan to make the perfect pancake. I searched Amazon for the best pan for pancakes, reviewed and gave them my personal rating. At the end, you’ll see my pick for which pan is the best one you should buy.

Best Pan for Pancakes

This table gives you a quick rundown on the best pan for pancakes. I give them my personal rating based on their features, durability, and my personal experiences as a beginning and experienced home cook.

Blue Crepe Pan with Non Stick Cookware by Upstreet

  • Flat for even cooking

  • Soft-grip handle that remains cool to the touch

  • 12-month defect-free guarantee

  • Non-stick surface

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T-fal A80715 Specialty 13-inch Nonstick Giant Round Pancake Griddle Cookware

(Editor's Choice)

  • Safe to use with metal utensils

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Oven-safe up to 350 degrees

  • Easy to clean

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Norpro 9.5" Nonstick Pan

  • Little oil needed

  • Heats evenly and provides a nice brown color to pancakes

  • Easy to clean
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Pancake Pan #1: Blue Crepe Pan with Non-Stick Cookware by Upstreet


  • This is a fashionable pan and makes me want to make French crepes. The pan is flat enough so you don’t have to worry about uneven pancakes and should be able to flip them easily.
  • The non-stick surface will prevent you from adding unnecessary oil or butter to the pan, which can affect how your pancakes will turn out. It also saves yourself a few extra calories that could go towards syrup.


  • The 12-month defect-free guarantee is worrisome and makes me question the durability of this product. Despite its high rating on Amazon, users have said the outside shows signs of wear after many uses.
  • It’s not dishwasher safe and cannot be used in the oven.

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Pancake Pan #2: T-fal A80715 Specialty 13-inch Nonstick Giant Round Pancake Griddle Cookware


  • I love this pan because of its versatility. Usually, I’d be tougher on pans if they can stand oven temperatures of at least 400 degrees, but because this pan is designed for pancakes or crepes, 350 degrees works just fine.
  • This provides an option for you if you want to try your hand at baking pancakes instead of cooking it on the stovetop.
  • It’s also a non-stick pan that allows the usage of metal utensils and is dishwasher-safe.


  • This pan isn’t completely flat which can present issues when flipping or making even pancakes. It can prevent your pancakes from being evenly cooked.

View T-fal A80715 Specialty 13-inch Nonstick Giant Round Pancake Griddle Cookware on Amazon

Pancake Pan #3: Norpro 9.5″ Nonstick Pan

Sorry, no image available for this product. Check out this pancake pan on Amazon to see a product image.


  • Users have remarked its non-stick surface is very durable and lasts years with proper maintenance. It’s also easy to clean.
  • Its lightweight, which makes it easy to flip pancakes.


  • You can only hand-wash this product. This shouldn’t be a big issue because the surface is non-stick. However, you also have to be careful about the material you use to clean the pan. Metal scrubbers will chip the non-stick surface and render it useless.
  • Also, unlike the pan I described previously, you can’t use metal utensils on this pan for the same reasons listed in the previous point.
  • The paint on the outside chips with continued usage.

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My Pick For The Best Pan For Pancakes

This is a pretty easy decision. My pick for the best pan for pancakes is the T-fal Specialty 13-inch pan. It is the most expensive pan but it’s the most valuable. I recommend spending the extra money on a pan that you can use in the oven, clean in the dishwasher, and on which you can use metal utensils. I make pancakes frequently and I have a pan similar to this one and I’ve had it for years. I don’t believe you’ll have issues with durability if the pan is taken care of properly.

I know some of you will be tempted to buy option #3. If you do, I won’t fault you for it. However, keep in mind, if you buy a good quality product, you won’t have to buy another similar one for years. But, if you buy something that doesn’t fit your standards, you will buy it shortly after. In other words, if you buy cheap, you buy twice. Also, with my pick, you don’t need to be an experienced cook to use it. In fact, if you’re someone who needs one versatile pan, this is the pan for you. But for your tasty pancakes, buy the best pan for pancakes that will get you the results you desire. This is that pan.

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