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Best Cookware For Camping

Look, we’re well into the 21st century and no one needs to eat canned beans and beef jerky just to survive on a camping trip. We have enough resources to make a decent meal while enjoying everything nature has to offer.

Selecting the best cookware will make or break your camping trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a tent or a cabin. Outdoor Gear Lab has a generalized guide to cooking on a camping trip. I review the best cookware for camping sets on Amazon. I break them down in a table with my personal rating, list their pros and cons, and then I choose the best camping cookware set for your money.

Best Cookware For Camping

This table gives you a quick rundown on the best cookware for camping. I give them my personal rating based on their features, durability, and my personal experiences as a beginning and experienced home cook.

12-piece Camping Cookware Stone Carabiner Canister Outdoor Set

  • Comes with a non-stick pot, frying pan and is easy to clean

  • Comes with a mini stove, spoon, spork, knife, bowls, ladles and cleaning materials

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10-piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit

  • Smores Guide

  • Cleaning tools

  • Non-stick pots and pans

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11-piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit

(Editor's Choice)

  • Non-Stick pots and pans

  • Easy to clean

  • Camping recipe book w/ rations tips

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11-piece Arcadia Outdoors Cookware Mess Kit

  • Suitable for campfires and camp stoves

  • Waterproof accessories

  • Free Firestarter and spork included

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Camping Cookware #1: 12-piece Camping Cookware Stone Carabiner Canister Outdoor Set


  • This set is great basic cookware set. It comes with all of the pots, pans, utensils and cleaning materials you’ll need to make a decent meal.
  • It’s aluminum material allows for food to conduct heat quickly and its handles are designed to absorb high heat, making it easy to drip the pots and pans.
  • Suitable for up to two people to use.


  • The pots and pans can’t be heated for long periods of time or else it will affect the wear of the product.
  • It has non-stick coating, so the use of metal utensils is not recommended.

Camping Cookware #2: 10-piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit


  • This set comes with pots, pans, bowls, utensils and cleaning materials. It also has heat-resistant handles.
  • The most interesting thing about this camping cookware product is that it comes with a s’mores guide. I think that’s pretty cool since a staple for camping is sitting around a nice fire and making a nice, sweet s’more to complete the camping experience.
  • Its non-stick surfaces make it easy to clean and it’s easy to compact together and carry in a nylon bag, which is included with the kit.


  • It’s not suitable for a big family. So if you’re planning on making a lot of food at once, you’ll have to buy multiple kits or take a lot of time to make a big meal. This is time-consuming if you’re on a hiking trip and need to reach your destination in a certain amount of time.

Camping Cookware #3: 11-piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit


  • This set comes with pots, pans, utensils and cleaning materials.
  • But, my favorite feature about this mess kit is that it comes with a camping recipe book and tips on how to ration your meals. I think this is extremely important, especially for hikers, who need to be mindful on how much to eat. This also shows that you may not need to keep use this cookware set every day if you use their tips.


  • You cannot use this kit on an open fire.
  • Some users have said this works better for short hiking trips, though the material is heavy duty.
  • The handles aren’t heat resistant, so you’ll other need materials to handle the cookware set.

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Camping Cookware #4: 11-piece Arcadia Outdoors Cookware Mess Kit


  • This camping cookware set comes with bowls, pots, pans, utensils and compacts perfectly in a mesh bag.
  • This is very inexpensive camping cookware set on this list and it can be used in any outdoor setting, including over a campfire. As a bonus, it comes with a Firestarter. This serves as an incentive for those who are buying their first mess kits.


  • This product claims to be non-stick, however, many users have said food sticks to the pans. However, it’s easy to clean.
  • The handles aren’t very sturdy and aren’t heat resistant, so prepare gloves to handle the equipment to prevent burning.

My Pick For The Best Camping Cookware

The best cookware for camping in this list is the 11-piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit. Honestly, it was a close call among all of them. They’re all very similar but what stood out to me about the camping cookware I chose was their inclusion of a camping recipe book and tips on how to ration food. As I stated before, that skill set is just as important as having this cookware kit in the first place. Considering it’s the least expensive mess kit on this list and you get the same number of pieces plus the added bonus of the recipe book, the value of this product shouldn’t be understated. You won’t go wrong by purchasing this camping cookware et.

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