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The 6 Best Frying Pans For Eggs At Home

Fried egg is one of the most popular and easy to make egg dishes you can make. Although frying an egg requires some knowledge and practice, finding the best frying pan for eggs might really mark the difference between your ideal meal or a crappy dinner or breakfast.

When choosing a frying pan for your eggs, you must always consider the following points:

  • The size of your pan. Do you plan for frying only one egg, which is nice for presentation, or maybe making food for more people?
  • Material. There are dozens of nonstick materials used for frying pans these days, or you can use the old-fashioned cast iron pans.
  • Shape. Use a regular round shaped frying pan, or you can opt for a modernist square shape or even an extravagant heart-shaped pan (see below).
  • The type of your stove. One thing you might be aware of if you have an induction cooktop. If so, only induction bottom frying pans will work for you!

Funny eggs

Check out our recommendations for the best frying pans for eggs for your dream kitchen:

Best Frying Pan For Eggs #1: T-fal Nonstick Oven Safe Pan

America’s Test Kitchen’s favorite, T-fal’s nonstick oven safe Thermo-Spot frying pan is an excellent choice for your kitchen. The red Thermo-Spot in the center of the pan tells you it’s heated and ready for frying your eggs.

This pan is good not only for frying eggs, but also omelette, vegetables, fish or even meat. It is oven safe for up to 400 F, so this is a really versatile pan, a must have for every kitchen.

It comes in 3 sizes of your choice (8 inch, 10 1/4 inch and 12 inch).

Best Frying Pan For Eggs #2: GreenPan Ceramic Mini Round Egg Pan

This 5 inch non-stick frying pan is an excellent and healthy choice if you want to fry individual eggs, e.g. for a one-egg breakfast sandwich. Thanks to it’s Thermolon marathon healthy ceramic non-stick coating it needs less oils and fats to cook.

Best Frying Pan For Eggs #3: Your Hard-duty Friend From Lodge

Another great option for frying single eggs. If you like to go old-school sometimes (which is really helpful in the kitchen), and use cast-iron cookware, you have to have this mini-pan.

You can order it in a pack of 4, so even frying individual eggs for more people won’t be a problem anymore.

Best Frying Pan For Eggs #4: Induction Bottom From Utopia Kitchen

This oven safe frying pan is a great solution for everyone having an induction stove in their kitchen. Utopia Kitchen is so confident in their product, that this pan, made from top rated material 3003 Aluminum Alloy comes with a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Best Frying Pan For Eggs #5: GreenPan’s Funny Mini Square Egg Pan

So far we’ve covered the best frying pans for your regular kitchen. But what if you want to go unconventional? Spice up your fried eggs with not another ingredient, but… with an unusual shape maybe?

Then GreenPan’s ceramic non-stick mini square egg pan is just the right choice for you! Serve your egg on a plate, between or on top of some (square) sandwich bread slices, and make yourself and your family and friends smile!

Best Frying Pan For Eggs #6: For All You ♥ Heart ♥ Lovers

Originally a pancake pan, this heart shaped nonstick pan is best used for frying eggs. No more comments on this one, order this and make everyone laugh at home with some fancy heart shaped fried eggs!

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