Potato stew

Potato stew, cooked with bay leaf and sour cream, is one of the iconic food of Hungarian cuisine.

It’s an easy-to-make and cheap, yet very tasty vegetable stew. Sour cream and a good load of bay leaves (ground and whole) give it a characteristic flavor, while paprika, and a touch of tomato purée and green peppers make it unmistakably Hungarian.

This recipe is not very fancy, and I’m sure you won’t find potato stew in white tablecloth restaurants in Hungary. Still it is a staple food in everyday Hungarian cuisine, often found on family table and an almost inevitable part of the daily menu in schools or canteens. Luckily for parents and kindergarten chefs, this dish is among those few that almost every kid just love.

Potato stew is a vegetarian dish by itself, but it’s often eaten with some kind of meat (esp. meatballs, frankfurters) as a simple main dish.

Hungarian name: Krumplifőzelék

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