Mushroom paprikash, moushroom goulash

Mushroom paprikash over couscous

Mushroom paprikash, moushroom goulash

Mushroom paprikash (sometimes inadequately called mushroom goulash in English) is a flavorful mushroom stew, one of the staple foods of Hungarian cuisine. It’s an easy to make vegetarian dish, one of the paprikash family. Although a vegetarian dish, it has the same strong flavors than it’s big brother, chicken paprikash.

As this recipe is very easy to make and champignon mushrooms are not only easily available but very cheap, this dish is often served as part of low-budget workday menu in Hungarian homes or canteens.

But this dish is also very tasteful, so you can find mushroom paprikash in almost every restaurant that serve Hungarian food. Make it and try it, and let your kitchen be colored with a dish that can be only compared to the best vegetable curries of Indian cuisine.

Mushroom paprikash is served as a main dish, mostly with galuska. If no galuska is made, you can serve it over any kind of pasta, or even rice. On the picture you can see a very unique, fusion presentation: mushroom paprikash over couscous.

Mushroom Goulash or Mushroom Paprikash?

I see often times this dish called mushroom goulash in English. Goulash is a thick soup, made with meat (or sometimes beans) and root vegetables. This mushroom soup doesn’t have any root vegetables and it has one ingredient that you never see in an authentic Hungarian goulash: sour cream.

So if you want to be authentic regarding Hungarian food, please note that this mushroom stew is definitely a mushroom paprikash and not a goulash.

Hungarian name: gombapaprikás.

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