Layered Potatoes with Bechamel Sauce

Layered potatoes with bechamel sauce

There is no accounting for taste; Nothing is more true than this phrase for the great variety of Hungarian layered potato recipes.

It’s safe to say that layered potatoes are made in almost every Hungarian households at least a few times a year. And it’s also safe to say that there are no two identical layered potatoes recipes.

My favorite layered potatoes recipe

Different versions vary from the very light, vegetarian one to those with a dominant sausage flavor. I prefer my layered potatoes with sausage but with a lighter flavor, and this is where bechamel sauce comes handy. And of course a lot of sour cream, which I think is the only common ingredient in all Hungarian layered potatoes recipes, apart from potato and eggs.

Tips for flavorful layered potatoes

Layered potatoes is not a complicated dish. What makes it relatively messy and time consuming is that you have to cook every ingredient first, than layer them in a pan and bake them together.

When you put so many effort into a relatively simple dish, you really want it to indulge on your senses.

Here are a few tips to make this dish super-flavorful:

  • Don’t be stingy on the salt. I know that it’s not in fashion these days to use too much salt. But believe me, salt is not bad for your health (on the contrary, your body needs salt in order to work properly) and there is no worse thing in the kitchen than unsalted potatoes, eggs and bechamel, especially when all these are put together. Use enough salt in your bechamel sauce and between each layers of potatoes and eggs.
  • Also don’t be stingy on anything else than potatoes. Eggs, sausage, bechamel sauce and sour cream give the real taste to this dish. Sausage fat is thus used as a seasoning and not discarded.
  • For this recipe you need a relatively thick bechamel sauce. This way it will stick the layers together even after mixing in sour cream.
  • Breadcrumbs at top give an unexpected yet pleasant crunchiness to this leyared potatoes recipe. You can just omit breadcrumbs if you don’t like them in this dish, I think the vast majority of Hungarians don’t use them in their layered potatoes, but I just like it this way.
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