Peeled tomatoes

How To Peel Tomatoes

Some recipes call for peeled tomatoes. This is necessary sometimes, because tomato skin is hard and won’t even cook through. But which is the best way to peel tomatoes? How to peel tomatoes easily without making a mess and loosing the precious flesh?

Using a tomato peeler might sound great at first, but this way you will get rid of the precious tomato flesh. Use this simple method instead to easily peel your tomatoes anytime, anywhere.

How To Peel Tomatoes Easily

  1. To peel tomatoes, first boil water in a kettle.
  2. Put your whole tomatoes in a bowl deep enough to cover them.
  3. Pour water over your tomatoes. Be sure to cover them all the way through.
  4. After 30-60 seconds, take out tomatoes. You don’t want to cook or boil them.
  5. Let your tomatoes cool down for a few minutes so they don’t burn your hand.
  6. Using a smaller sharp knife, simply peel your tomatoes.
Peeling tomatoes

Using this method, peeling tomatoes (or skinning tomatoes) will be easy as pie.

Using Canned Tomatoes

When a recipe calls for peeled tomatoes, you an as easily use canned tomatoes. These are usually summer tomatoes, harvested when ripe and sweet, sometimes much tastier than the ones you can by in a supermarket.

Just stock up some of these canned tomatoes in your pantry, and you’ll never again have to peel tomatoes!

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