Boiling hot dogs

How to Boil Hot Dogs

Hot dogs or frankfurters are everyone’s favorite meal. They are not only tasty, but extremely easy to prepare. You can literally serve a delicious dinner in 10 minutes, or feed a large crowd at your party.

Boiling hot dogs is the easiest method of preparing these delicacies. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just boil your dogs. But how do you really boil hot dogs to get them cooked through completely and even avoid cracking? And how long does it take to boil them?

You won’t believe it: The secret to boil your dogs to get the perfect result – and prevent cracking – lies in that you don’t need to literally boil them. Frankfurters are actually a cooked meat product. So you don’t have to worry about cooking any raw meat. Your only task is to heat your dogs through for a better taste and texture.

How to Boil Hot Dogs – And Never Have Them Cracked

  1. Bring enough water to boil in a pot to cover your hot dogs.
  2. Drop your hot dogs carefully into the boiling water and cover them with a lid.
  3. Turn off the heat immediately.
  4. Let your dogs being heated through for 5-10 minutes.
  5. As you see, you don’t need to actually boil your frankfurters, just to heat them through. Cooking time depends on the thickness of your hot dogs. Generally 5 minutes is OK for regular frankfurters.

    Boiling hot dogs

Serving Boiled Hot Dogs

Serve your hot dogs warm. You can leave them in the cooking water to keep them warm for hours, so you can prepare them even ahead.

You can serve your frankfurters in a hot dog bun, with some condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise. To beef it up, you can add some horseradish, pickles or fried onions. But you can also serve your dogs on a plate, with some bread and condiments to your taste.

Plan on 2 to 6 hot dogs per person, depending on how hungry your guests are, and how your cooked hot dogs will be served; as an appetizer, or as a main dish.

Boiled hot dog with mustard
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