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The Classic Menudo2

Menudo: The Classic Filipino Dish

Saucy meaty and with vegetables, the Menudo is a staple dish in a Filipino kitchen. Here is the authentic recipe written by a Filipino cook, with pictures.

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The Classic Filipino Favorite Chicken and Pork Adobo1

The Classic Filipino Favorite Chicken and Pork Adobo

If there’s any Filipino dish that is famously known it’s the Adobo. Check out our favorite, this authentic chicken and pork adobo recipe.

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Beef Pochero (Tagalog Style)1

Beef Pochero (Tagalog Style)

Beef Pochero is a tomato-based Filipino soup with a Spanish influence. There are two versions of Pochero in the Philippines. Check out the Tagalog recipe.

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SaladGinataang Talong2

Ginataang Talong Salad

Ginataang Talong is an authentic Filipino salad dish that will surely give your meals a tropical twist. It is a complimentary salad to any meat dish, specifically grilled dishes because...

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