Cottage Cheese Dip with Sheep Cottage Cheese: körözött

Cottage Cheese Spread has it’s own name in Hungarian cuisine: körözött [pronounce “ö” like “ea” in early]. Literally it means nothing more than “garnished”, referring to the cottage cheese being garnished with lots of spices to improve it’s flavor.

There are as many variations of cottage cheese dip in Hungary as there are households. The common ingredients are cottage cheese (cow’s milk or ewe’s milk or both), sour cream and caraway seeds. You can add many other spices, even fresh herbs, but paprika is also a very common ingredient. Some people add butter, but I think this is not necessary to get a smooth and rich dip.

As far as the type of cheese, the flavor of this dip can differ a lot if you add sheep cottage cheese or not. I like it when it has a strong flavor – sheep cottage cheese is just perfect for that. But don’t worry if you can’t find it in a store near you, this cottage cheese dip is as good if made from only regular cottage cheese.

Sometimes much more paprika and/or caraway seed is added to the dip. In my opinion these proportions make this dip light, you can enjoy the taste of cottage cheese and that of the spices. But of course you can make it stronger just by doubling (or even tripling) the amount of paprika and caraway used. Also sometimes whole caraway seeds are added, this is again only a matter of taste.

Try my cottage cheese recipe below, and feel free to alter it to your taste!

Cottage cheese dip körözött

Hungarian cottage cheese dip: körözött

US readers please read my notes on cottage cheese conversion.

Non-US readers please note that pinch here equals standard US pinch, approx. 0.625 ml or 1/8 teaspoon.

Hungarian name: körözött.

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