Chia Seeds Cups To Grams On A Scale

Chia seeds cups to grams conversion

You can find different numbers online for the official US-metric conversion rate for chia seeds. So I decided to measure an actual cup of chia seeds and share with you the exact cups to grams conversion rate.

Chia seeds conversion table

So my chia seeds conversion rate table looks like this, see picture below:

Cups Amount, in grams (g)
1/8 cup 21.5 g
1/4 cup 43 g
1/3 cup 57 g
3/8 cup 64.5 g
1/2 cup 86 g
5/8 cup 107.5 g
2/3 cup 115 g
3/4 cup 129 g
7/8 cup 150.5 g
1 cup 172 g
2 cups 344 g
4 cups 688 g
Chia Seeds Cups To Grams On A Scale

Measuring one cup of chia seeds in grams on a scale

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