Have anything to say about Hungary, Hungarian recipes, culture or simply a story about everyday life? Your guest post is welcome on Spicy Goulash!

My aim is to take Hungary and Hungarian culture closer to people all around the world. I’m sure you have great things to remember about this country, so why not share it?

My rules on guest posts

  • Guest posts are currently accepted in the following categories: Hungarian recipes, Everyday Life in Hungary, Restaurant/Hotel reviews, Places to visit in Hungary.
  • You must tell your own, real story; I.e. you either have to live in Hungary or at least have visited this country at least once before.
  • Your content has to be unique. No copying and spamming the whole internet please.
  • You must not have any connection to the place reviewed. All articles that even stink to be an advertisement will be refused automatically.
  • You must publish under your own name. Also your Google+ profile will be linked, and I kindly ask you to link back from your Google+ profile.
  • I reserve the rights to refuse any publications, remove previously accepted publications at any time. I may alter your text so that search engines could understand it better. All publications will be manually reviewed.
  • Please don’t bother me with negative experiences. Of course all places on Earth might have things that we are not proud of, but that’s not what life is about. I’m sure your culture is one of the greatest in the world, so is mine. So please help me disseminate what is great in Hungary!
  • You have to edit your own article in WordPress.
  • You get one link back to your main website from your profile page. This link should not violate Google guidelines (e.g. using keyword-rich anchor text) and no other links are allowed so please don’t contact me if you just want some links (if you don’t understand this, you’re fine 🙂 ).
  • I don’t care how good your English is, if you are Hungarian or any other nationality, but you have to write in English as we don’t have staff to translate or review your articles here at Spicy Goulash.

If you feel that you comply with all the above and would like your article to be published on Spicy Goulash, please contact me. Please send me your real name, your Google+ profile, and an outline of what you would like to write about.

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